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AIKIDO: The Way of Harmony

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Perhaps the youngest of Japan's martial arts, Aikido is known by many of its practitioners as "the way of harmony."  However, this martial art can trace its past to Japan's feudal age and in another form it was practiced by the samurai as a way of dealing with attackers' weapons if they found themselves unarmed on the battlefield.

The Yoshinkan Style

Yoshinkan Aikido is not a sport. It involves incredibly powerful and practical self-defense techniques which can be performed by anyone regardless of size, gender or race. Yoshinkan Aikido was established by Gozo Shioda in the late 1950s and is occasionally called the “hard” style because of its exacting training methodology. This is the product of the pre-war period of Aikido’s development when Shioda himself was a direct student of the art’s founder, Morihei Ueshiba. It is the style that many branches of the Japanese police study.  The curriculum of aikido includes strikes, pins and throws.

osensei small

O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba.

Yoshinkan aikido is unique among styles of aikido in its strong emphasis on basic movement (kihon dosa) and technique (kihon waza).  The purposes of repeated training in basic movement and techniques is to foster the development of a strong and supple body, a disciplined mind, and the ability to defend oneself.

Shioda Gozo

Shioda Gozo,Yoshinkan Aikido founder.

Why the Takahashi Dojo?

We offer world-class instruction in Yoshinkan Aikido for YOUNG ADULTS and ADULTS of all skill levels —from beginner to intermediate to advanced.  All of our instructors have obtained their Dan (black belt) certificates from the Aikido Yoshinkan Foundation in Tokyo, Japan. We are dedicated to helping you build a strong mind and body through the study of Aikido. Through your practice, you will learn powerful and effective self-defense techniques in a respectful, non-aggressive and non-competitive environment. At the same time, you will learn to develop a sense of centred calm, an even approach to daily life which will in turn help you to cope in today’s stressful world.

 Kimeda Sensei

Takeshi Kimeda Sensei.

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